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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JE Shannon & Associates Newsletter for October 2010

The Importance of Backups
Good Afternoon Everyone:

Hope all is well with your families and business.

No matter if you are a proud parent\individual, musician, or company CEO, your data has value.  Whether that value is in pictorial\video memories, recorded gems for your next album\CD, or mission critical business data, they all need to be backed up.  Even though hard drives have become more stable throughout the years, they still can crash unexpectedly.  Don't get caught in a bad situation and lose your data!

Some would recommend using external hard drives (USB\Firewire\eSATA), Network Attached Storage Servers (NAS), or a full blown file server to backup your data.  But, what is backing those devices up?  If you are not running a backup on these devices, you are still vulnerable to losing data. 

Read more about "The Importance of Backups" on our Blog.

With IBackup remote backup service, you will not need to worry about hiring or using a employee to monitor or swap backup media (Tapes, Hard Drives, etc).  No more worrying about where to store your backups remotely and securely.  No more media issues, like tangled tapes or losing formatting on a Hard Drive.   No more maintenance on the backup drives or media.  Last, no more buying media. 

Don't wait for the day that you have a system crash to recover data (which can be very expensive) or consider what to do about backups.  If you are a business or governmental entity that has requirements to meet Federal Laws and Regulations for backup procedures, we suggest that you sign up for IBackup Professional.  If you do not require those standards, you can sign up for IBackup Standard.

Please contact us today, if you need a backup consultation or would like more information about our company's products and services.  We are here to help you with your Web, IT, Marketing, and Management Consultation needs.


James and Adrianna Shannon
JE Shannon & Assocates
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